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About Us

Dakota Park opened in February 2016 after a lot of hard work making everything as perfect as possible for our future guests. I opened the Caravan Park first in February after months of getting the grass, trees, the mound and the pitches just right despite the rabbits and moles fighting hard against me! The holiday cottage now known as Runway Cottage then opened in July 2016. Then Lancaster Lodge was opened in May 2023. The whole Park is for now complete and looking prettier every day.


Michelle moved to Coningsby in August 2015.


Willow Farm was just a little cream cottage with a paddock at the side but was situated really close to RAF Coningsby so it was bought with big ideas to make it into a Holiday Centre. Dakota Park is proving very popular with guests coming to watch the Typhoon Jets train during the week and the Battle of Britain planes keeping to the skies after years of flying hours under their belts.

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